A handful of economic myths focused on the negative effects of ambitious climate action currently dominate the public discourse. This toolkit addresses these myths with referenced arguments.

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17 April 2014

EU to host industry talks ahead of setting 2030 climate goals

Reuters – 16.04.14 By Ben Garside The European Commission will hold three meetings this summer on how to ensure the bloc’s industries can compete in global markets while meeting goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions, it said on Wednesday. The meetings aim to gather views on rules determining if companies can continue to receive free carbon permits under […]

11 April 2014

Natural Gas Loses Decades-Old Tie to Oil in Landmark Deal

Bloombrg – 11.04.14 By Tara Patel   A contract for France’s largest natural gas company to buy the commodity from Azerbaijan shows the decades-old structure of Europe’s energy market is starting to crumble. For the first time, GDF Suez SA (GSZ) signed a 25-year contract to buy gas from BP Plc and partners in the […]

Japan approves energy plan reinstating nuclear power

Reuters – 11.04.14 By Osamu Tsukimori, Mari Saito, Aaron Sheldrick   Japan’s Cabinet on Friday approved an energy policy reversing the previous government’s plans to gradually mothball nuclear power plants, a move likely to be unpopular with a wary public following the 2011 Fukushima disaster. But the plan may too little too late for the […]

10 April 2014

U.K. Creating Climate Finance ‘Lab’ to Meet UN $100 Billion Goal

Bloomberg – 09.04.14 By Reed Landberg   The U.K. government said it’s forming a “lab” to study ways to boost funding for climate-protection projects, part of a United Nations-led effort to channel $100 billion a year into the industry by 2020. Energy Minister Greg Barker said government officials and investors from around the world will […]

Industry wins concessions on EU energy subsidies

Financial Times – 09.04.14 By Christian Oliver, Alex Barker   Heavy industry won significant concessions at the expense of consumers on Wednesday in new EU guidelines on state energy subsidies that green groups fear will undermine the growth of renewables. Germany has hailed the new rules from Brussels as a victory because the European Commission […]

09 April 2014

Shale Gas Boom Leaves Wind Companies Seeking More Subsidy

Bloomberg – 07.04.14 By Christopher Martin   Wind power in the U.S. is on a respirator.  The $14 billion industry, the world’s second-largest buyer of wind turbines, is reeling from a double blow — cheap natural gas unleashed by the hydraulic fracturing revolution and the death last year of federal subsidies that made wind the […]

07 April 2014

Who is winning the clean energy race? (It’s not Europe)

Energy Post – 06.04.14 By Karel Beckman     In a press release dated 1 April, Pew summarizes the results of its latest annual clean energy report:   “Although global clean energy investment in renewable sources, biofuels, smart energy, and energy storage fell 11 percent in 2013, to $254 billion, a number of developments indicate […]

06 April 2014

Foreign Frackers Now Find Comfort in Water-Hungry Spain

Nick Leiber and Todd White Bloomberg – 03.04.2014   A few years ago, fracking in Spain seemed as likely as bullfighting in Britain. These days, energy companies from Texas, Canada and Ireland are going after exploration and drilling permits in hopes of capitalizing on geology that indicates Spain has a sizable chunk of the 883 […]

Coalition eyes plans to allow fracking under private land

Elizabeth Rigby Financial Times – 01.04.2014   Exploration companies would be given powers to drill under privately owned land as part of government plans to kick-start Britain’s nascent fracking industry. The coalition is working on proposals, to be included in the Queen’s Speech next month, to change trespass laws to make it easier for companies […]

03 April 2014

US, China and EU agree to cooperate on UN climate treaty

RTCC -02.04.2014 Sophie Yeo High-level meetings at the EU see world’s three largest emitters agree to strengthen discussions on 2015 Paris treaty Strong words of commitment to a new UN deal on climate change have emerged from Brussels this week, following a series of high-level meetings with Ban Ki-moon, President Obama and Xi Jinping.The busy […]

Importance of Low Carbon

A handful of arguments focused on the negative effects of increasing the EU's climate policy ambition - whether increasing Europe's emission reduction goal, tightening the Emissions Trading System, or introducing new policies to reduce emissions - currently dominate public discourse. These arguments build on the exaggerated concerns of a few industrial sectors and remain unchallenged by most policy makers, afraid of losing jobs and money in the current economic context. As a result, policy debates are biased by a few commonly accepted myths and misleadingly focused on minimising costs and protecting vested interests.