A handful of economic myths focused on the negative effects of ambitious climate action currently dominate the public discourse. This toolkit addresses these myths with referenced arguments.

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26 May 2014

Future of EU steel hangs in balance of next European Commission

Point Carbon – 23.05.14 Maytaal Angel The European steel industry continues to face severe challenges, with recent moves by Brussels to stem the region’s industrial decline and temper its own climate goals welcome, but not enough to secure and strengthen the sector’s future. Over-supplied, energy-intensive industries like steel were decimated by the 2008 financial crisis, […]

Survey shows weaker ETS impact on investment

ENDS Europe – 23.05.14 Valerie Flynn A survey of carbon market participants and experts suggests the EU emissions trading system’s influence on investment decisions is falling. Out of 131 firms involved in the EU ETS that responded to the Point Carbon survey, 38% considered the carbon price to be a “decisive factor” for their investment […]

13 May 2014

Is the EU over-stating the cost of wind and solar power?

Business Green – 13.05.14 Jessica Shankleman Brussels officials may be underestimating the potential growth of wind and solar capacity under the EU’s new 2030 climate and energy package, according to a new Greenpeace analysis which argues that steep falls in the cost of renewable technologies could lead to a greater than anticipated deployment of clean […]

09 May 2014

EU signals support for green free trade agreement

Business Green-09.05.2014 James Murray Ambitious plans for a new international free trade agreement designed to accelerate the rollout of clean technologies took an important step forward this week, as the EU signalled its support for the proposal. Earlier this year, 14 World Trade Organisation members, including the EU, the US, Japan and China, used the […]

07 May 2014

Europe’s nuclear sector looks worldwide to keep skills sharp

The Financial Times, May 7, 2014 8:24 am By Michael Stothard in Flamanville In a few weeks two 500-tonne steam generators will be hoisted into the reactor hall at Europe’s first next generation nuclear plant in Flamanville, a major step in the completion of a project designed to power 1.5m French homes. It is a […]

06 May 2014

Obama Intensifies Focus on Climate With New Assessment Report

The Wall Street Journal-05.05.2014 Colleen McCain Nelson and Alicia Mundy President Barack Obama will argue this week that the effects of climate change must be confronted now, intensifying his focus on the issue a month before new and contentious rules are due out that will regulate emissions from existing power plants. Tuesday’s release of a […]

EU proposes giving most heavy industries free carbon permits

Point Carbon-05.05.2014 Ben Garside Most of Europe’s heavy industry should keep receiving free carbon permits to help them compete in global markets, the European Commission said on Monday. The Commission, the EU’s executive, proposed that 175 industry sectors out of the 245 in total that it assessed should be entitled to get most of their […]

28 April 2014

How long can the fracking revolution last?

RTCC, last updated on 25 April 2014, 4:24 pm By Kieran Cooke Water shortages and concerns over fugitive emissions are causing some to question how long shale drilling will last The fracking industry is the new star on the US energy scene, credited by its backers with bringing down domestic fuel prices and revitalising the US […]

24 April 2014

Australia slashes emission penalties in new climate plan

RTCC, last updated on 24 April 2014, 10:47 am By Ed King   Australia’s new climate plan means fewer companies will have to slash their emissions, and places the burden of funding cuts on the government. 130 companies liable for carbon pollution penalties under Direct Action Plan, which opens with A$1.55 billion budget Draft proposals were […]

Business leaders call for urgent action on climate change

Click Green – 23.04.14 A flash poll of more than 2,000 senior executives worldwide reveals a boardroom demand for urgent action to tackle the effects of climate change. The survey of 2,324 corporate chiefs by researchers at The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) found that 46% of respondents wanted decision-makers around the globe to launch immediate […]

Importance of Low Carbon

A handful of arguments focused on the negative effects of increasing the EU's climate policy ambition - whether increasing Europe's emission reduction goal, tightening the Emissions Trading System, or introducing new policies to reduce emissions - currently dominate public discourse. These arguments build on the exaggerated concerns of a few industrial sectors and remain unchallenged by most policy makers, afraid of losing jobs and money in the current economic context. As a result, policy debates are biased by a few commonly accepted myths and misleadingly focused on minimising costs and protecting vested interests.